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A lifetime fitness enthusiast, athlete and marathoner…

A lifetime fitness enthusiast, athlete and marathoner, Dawn studied and pursued exercise and nutrition. Coming from an assorted past of smoking, disordered eating and unhealthy habits, she knows where you’re at.  After years of struggling with weight and depression, Dawn found her joy through running. She went on to excel in the sport, winning her division in almost every race. Established in the community for 30+ years, Dawn faced yet another challenge that changed her life in a nanosecond.

Struck head-on by a truck while running, Dawn found herself in a hospital bed, unable to move, being told she’d never walk normally, yet alone ever run again.

“It seemed surreal. The pain was unimaginable and the arduous task before me was something I had yet to realize.  All I could think of was how running saved my life so many years prior. It grounded me and at the same time, it opened me up to fitness, peace and happiness I’ve never known before. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the words being spoken: ‘you’ll never run again.’ I negated the idea and started my long journey back.” – Dawn

Video of my accident