The Answers Are In The Silence

Some equate living with doing – keeping busy all the time, surrounding themselves with noise, people, and action. Anything not to be alone.If you’ve never spent much time alone, it’s difficult to face solitude and quiet, because it dares you to look beyond the fear of silence and stillness, and risk seeing clarity.

We do things unconsciously as we hurry through our day meeting schedules and commitments. Take an opportunity to paying attention to how you conduct your day. Do you wake up to a radio; drink your coffee in front of the news on television, or in front of a computer screen? When you head out to work, are you listening to music? We all know that the rest of the day we’ll be inundated with telephone calls, conversation and noise! We share lunch with coworkers, attend business meetings and have speaker phone conversations on our drive home to usually greet family, friends or a pet. And if we live alone, many of us will immediately turn on the TV or radio for background noise, eat standing at the counter or rushing to move on to the next chore.

Sometimes we’re forced to STOP and just breathe! It may take an illness, or tragedy such as the death of someone close, loss of a job, or unpredictable disease. I believe it’s body’s way of telling us to slow down; stop and smell the roses. I know for me, the months I spent helplessly confined to a wheelchair after my tragedy, alone most of the time with pain and fear, forced a ‘crack in the egg’ of my life that exposed ME to myself!

Silence is a great equalizer. It brings on many fears, but showers us with inner wisdom that is always there for the taking if we just listen. People often avoid silence, because they’re afraid of the person they think they might be.  Am I my mother? Do I have a horrible side of me that will be revealed? Yet, it is precisely those questions that we need to ask, for they will reveal our innermost core, which teaches us not only who we are, but who we’re not!  My silence helped me discover a person much more gifted and wonderful than I could’ve ever imagined.

As the saying goes…’there is nothing different in the room when the lights are out, except our fear, silence is always there so it’s nothing to fear; just turn down the noise.’

Think of it…we spend 24/7 with ourselves and many of us don’t even know who we are.  We make time and effort to get to know many people, yet we don’t take the time to truly know ourselves.

Make a promise to set aside time each day to drink your morning coffee in silence. Sit outside on your porch or go for a stroll in silent nature. You’ll be amazed what those moments of clarity reveal.