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Unleash Your Warrior Princess with Dawn

I’ve battled my body in various ways for many years, but I’ve come to learn the the single-most significant portal to emotional and spiritual freedom is THROUGH the body! I recognize my body is my best friend and I know how to help my body move, because that motion moves my energy. I’m a spiritual person and I know that energy is our life source! if my body is out of whack, my spirit is out of whack.

So if you’re hiding or feeling isolated with low self-esteem, boundary issues, spirituality or body trust, or you’re new to exercise, come work with me! I know that’s not where you need to stay and I have a lot of compassion for you. I love working with people who are ashamed of their bodies; I’m not scared of your fear of your body or yourself. Trust me. I know my own fears; I can help you work through yours. We’ll get you and your low-esteem back in your body and have a lot of fun.