When driving a car, a few degrees change in the steering wheel ends up being hundreds of miles change in course! Likewise, it’s about tweaking your lifestyle in a gentle way. Drastic change  sets you up for failure by setting fearful alarms.

Life is experiential; forever growing and flowing. Attaining Your Best Life is not a journey of keeping pace with the flow, but rather an experience of BEING present, one moment at a time!   If you’re jumping ahead to your next thought or reflecting back to something familiar, you’re missing life!! These are either past memories or future hopes...but true living happens in the moment!

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Even with a hectic schedule, you can 

Attain Your Best Life on YOUR terms.  

  • We make it easy for you leave work commitments behind; escape crowds and lines at the gym.

  • Gift yourself a confidential and unique approach that allows portable access to your personal program any time you want it, any where you are, from any device you choose.

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Within every woman lies the strength of a warrior! Be part of our tribe of women on a journey to engage and live life fiercely!  Women supporting one another through encouragement, insight and inspiration. 

Be a woman who takes conflict and turns it into lessons that result in STRENGTH and allow beautiful you to shine. https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenarestrength/


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Discovery On The Move


Transformation through self discovery!  When you engage your body in movement you allow your higher self to emerge! Shine a light on what you yearn for.

  • Stop the struggle with intimidation, isolation & self-criticism.
  • Establish healthy boundaries that allow you to trust your body, perhaps for the first time.
  • Develop an energetic, healthier lifestyle that transforms you in an empowering and fun way.

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The spirituality of our lives is a complex thread whose access point is self awareness through our bodies


Your Best Life is a mind/body/spirit connection. When you synchronize your outer body and inner self, you learn how to love and trust your body. 

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