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Joy comes from engaging in life through a healthy and fit body. Even if you're not at the fitness level you crave, by starting from where you're at, you build confidence that your body will support the lifestyle you desire to achieve an active and joyful life! Specializing in master's health(age 40+).

Think of it this way: 'If you’re driving a car, a few degrees change in the position of the steering wheel ends up being hundreds of degrees change in course! Likewise, it’s about tweaking your lifestyle in an easy way; not drastic change that will set off fearful alarms and set you up to fail.

Rediscover YOUR joy, not someone else's idea of what that should look like!  

Your Best Life Choices

Life On The Go


Even with a hectic schedule, you can 

Attain Your Best Life on YOUR terms.  

  • We make it easy for you leave work commitments behind; escape crowds and lines at the gym.

  • Gift yourself a confidential and unique approach that allows portable access to your personal women empowerment program any time you want it; any where you are; from any device you choose.

Women of Strength Tribe



Within every woman lies possibilities, enlightenment and the strength of a warrior! Be part of our tribe of spiritual awakening of feminine energy. Join other women on a journey to engage and live life fiercely!  Women supporting one another through encouragement, insight and inspiration, and empowerment. 

Be a woman who takes conflict and turns it into lessons that result in STRENGTH and allow beautiful you to shine.


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Discovery On The Move


Age doesn't define you. When you engage your body in movement you allow your higher self to emerge! Shine a light on what you yearn for.

  • Stop the struggle with intimidation, isolation & self-criticism. 
  • Establish healthy boundaries that empower you to trust your body, perhaps for the first time.
  • Experience an energetic, healthier lifestyle that transforms you in an authentic and fun way.

Your Best Life Blog


Transformation and spiritual awakening are accessed through our bodies rather than our minds.


Your Best Life is a synchronization of your outer body and inner self. This enlightenment teaches you to love and trust your body. Be empowered to be beautiful YOU!

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