Transformation through Self-Awareness

Let Me Show You How Magnificent You Truly Are

We all have innate memory of who we are - perfectly created. When you look into the innocent eyes of a child, you recognize your perfection, but life happens and we absorb society judgement and opinions that cloud our memory.  I help you remember who you truly are here to be...your soul desire beyond human desire and limiting beliefs. Quite frankly - your magnificence! 

Being in the body, in movement, bypasses the mind chatter and allows creative flow, imagination, and 'feeling' rather than thinking. Taking that movement into nature nourishes your ability for self-love and acceptance, because in nature there is nothing but unconditional love, without judgement, opinions or manipulation.  

Discovery on the Move is where you explore, discover and share with like-minded others moving towards health, wellbeing and awakening. 

Of course the body needs support with healthy eating and a nourishing lifestyle. This occurs as we create a paradigm shift from thinking things through to 'feeling and trusting our soul.'

Don't Tell Me You Can't...I Know Better!

Life brings challenges, but if you see them as opportunities, you create miracles!  

I'm no different than you. I've had to conquer addictions , smoking, an eating disorder and limiting beliefs. I turned each around and metamorphosed into an elite marathon runner. In a heartbeat my life changed!  Hit head-on by a truck while running, life came crashing in on me. Doctors said I'd walk with a limp and never run again, but not only did walk; I returned to running!  I Know You Can Do Anything! 


  • Certified RRCA running coach (Road Runner Clubs of America) 
  • USTAF coach (United States Track and Field)
  • American Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor
  • Certified Nutritional Health Educator and Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM)
  • Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, intuitive, empath, lightworker, transformational speaker