Let Me Help You Discover Beautiful You!

Life brings challenges, but I see them as opportunities to create miracles!  

My Promise is to use all my experience, knowledge and gifts to catapult you into discovering beautiful You! 

A marathoner, writer, personal trainer, nutrition and running coach, I offer methodologies learned from experience! 

I conquered abusive relationships, addiction, disordered eating and came through a tragic accident that left me helpless. I know how to turn challenges into opportunities! 


Certified RRCA running coach (Road Runner Clubs of America) 

USTAF coach (United States Track and Field)

American Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor

Certified Nutritional Health Educator and Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM)

Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, intuitive, empath, lightworker, transformational speaker


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Courage to Be Yourself

Let Me Show You How Magnificent You Are!

You have a right to be seen and heard; a right to live YOUR life, not someone else's idea of what that should be. 

You have innate memory of who you are - perfectly created. When you look into the innocent eyes of a child, you recognize your perfection, but life happens and society judgement and opinions cloud our memories. 

For me, it's tapping into your highest potential through physicality. By moving in the body, you bypass the mind chatter and allow creative flow and imagination. It's about trusting what you feel rather than think that'll open you up and help you remember who you truly are here to be...your soul desire beyond human desire and limiting beliefs. Quite frankly - your magnificence! 

I will help you learn to face challenges rather than running or hiding from them. Discover the gifts they bring and trust yourself as the beautifully powerful person you are meant to be. From this soul-centered place, you live a joyful, healthy lifestyle.